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Killerglass wrote:
I am leaning to the Pentax, I just need to choose between the K100 & the K110

Any thoughts on them?
Get the built in stabilization if you go Pentax. You may not want to use a flash (or lug a tripod along). ;-)

Juzzie wrote:
Taken at a motorbike show last week with 24mm prime lens (42mm equivalent on a film SLR)with a Konica Minolta 5D (Sony Alpha 100 nearest equivalent now) with a Sony 3600 flash unit.

Adorama apparently founda stash of KM 5Ds. They have the KM 5D with an 18-70mm lens for $569 now. Most vendors sold out months ago. But, they found them somewhere.

Image much warmer without the strength of the external flash. I think being in November didn't help as less natural light.
It looks like the opposite problem to my eyes (you had too much ambient light, and because you used the internal flash, you ended up with a color cast from ambient light exposure). I can't see your camera settings (no EXIF in that Image). But, the ambient light appeared to be contributing too much to the exposure for Auto White Balance to work out.

With as much light as I'm seeing in that image, I'd have gone no flash and set the white balance to match thelighting to get rid of any color cast.Ambient lightwas contributing more to the photo compared to the internal flash from what Ican tell by looking at it. That'sa good example of a scene where Anti-Shake could come in handy (and you've got higher ISO speeds you can use, too). ;-)

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