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I've had my Olympus D-460 for about 6 years or so. I've been very very happy with my camera although it was a little slow in being able to take pictures.

Well my camera finally kicked the bucket, the flash died on it and anyone that has used the D-460 knows that the camera is useless without that darn flash or very bright outdoor light.

I'm looking to buy a new camera this tax season. I would like to keep it as cheap as possible... but depending on how much I get back this season, I might be willing to spend up to $500.00 on it.

My camera useage will mostly be filming my children and nature. I really enjoy doing nature shots.

I find flash and zoom to be VERY important and do not want something without these.

Basically I'm hoping someone on here will be familiar with the D-460 and be able to recommend something similar to it, but newer, faster and better quality.

I'm not real picky, just need flash and zoom and be able to take both indoor and outdoor shots with quality. I absolutely hate fuzziness!!!!

Thank you ahead of time for advice and recommendations!!!

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