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I watched recently a number of auctions of the 135mm lenses (both M and A) and I was almost ready to go for an A lens. I hesistated since I am not 100% sure what a prime lens at this focal length will bring extra than let's say a zoom.
Can you ilustrate some? How would compare, in real life the DOF at F3.5 at this focal length?

I happen to have a Pentacon 135mm F2.8 (long story) which I tested on a "handhold mount", i.e. holding it with the left hand against the mount of the camera and triggering the shutter via remote control switch (body on tripod). That is because I do not have a Pentacon-to-M42 adaptor. Anyway, I did it so I can evaluate the F2.8 at 135mm. But I eventually grew tired of the masochistic approach.

In case I was not obvious enough, I might need to add that at this LBA stage I am into fast lenses:-)

Here is a shot with Pentacon 135mm @F2.8 - no processing (this lens has 15 blades!):

This is a crop of it:

And here is the culprit:

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