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Hi Curtis,

My D200 will sync up to 1/250th but using the studio lights I find that 1/60th works best for me. The sync speed is the fastest your camera will open and close the shutter without blocking the flash output. When a church is very dark I will use 1/30th @ F4.5 and ISO 1000 when using my SB-800 Nikon flash.Your camera manual will explain this to you. It will also suggest a shutter speed setting to use when using your flash. Studio lights are a different matter though. I find the perfect shutter speed for me is 1/60th, and the F-Stop @ F-8 to be really good for 99% on one or two people portraits when using a 75mm up lens. If I'm stuck in a small space I use 1/60th at F-20 or 22 to create more depth of field using a 35mm lens. I may at times have to increase my ISO to get these settings. After you get the basics down, You can try different things that will suit your style of shooting.

Remember, When using Studio lights you have to set your camera to manual mode because the automatic stuff just does not function at all. (including TTL) I have heard of trying to use the histogram on the camera to set strobes but I'm not sure if it is what I want for My portraits. I like to set My main,Hair & fill lights to be perfect. I just did portraits for A Church school and had to do 79 portraits in 1 1/2 hours. I set my strobes using a flash meter to my camera at 1/60th @ F-20 and every photograph came out perfect. All I had to do was size them to 5 X 7 and I put them on a Cd for them to have printed out. ( I could not use a hair light due to lack of room)


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