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Depending on the subject I would say yes, F-11 would probably work just fine. It all depends on your lens quality. Testing is the only true way to learn exactly what you would want to use. At 35mm I just don't want any barrel distortion at all showing on my photograph so that is why I use F-20 @ 1/60th. When I do a bunch of portraits as I did the 79 portraits at church school I just leave the settings alone and do them all at F-20 even if I zoom the lens to 75mm for just two people I don't need to change anything. F-8 probably would have been OK for most of My Portraits but I wanted to take no chance of any distortion at all on any of them. My lights are powerful so I don't have any problems with not enought light.

Here are the portraits, Every photo is evenly lit and crystal clear. I only had 1 1/2 hours to do all of these portraits so I could not really meter every subject. I could only shoot one frame of each pose and if they closed their eyes or sneezed it was just to bad.


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