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For example, the ISO 1600 image from the K10 was exposed at f/5.6 and 1/25 second.
the ISO 1600 image from the Canon (which was exposed at f/8 and 1/25 second),
the D80 image (it's ISO 1600 image was exposed at f/5.3 and 1/40 second,
the Sony Alpha tests. It used the dimmest exposure of all for it's ISO 1600 image (1/60 second at f/5.6).

Please ponder:

1. If the illumination situation truly has the difference, above these exposure conditions, whose illumination brightness highest? Is K10D? Obviously SONY A100 then illumination brightness was highest. (A100: F5.6 and 1/60S; K10D: F5.6 and 1/25S. Obviously K10D obtains illumination brightness insufficient, but A100 is more advantageous).

2. ISO 1600 have been set. However, the ISO1600 of K100D in exposure compensation has been set at -1EV. This may be caused by illumination.
-1EV was to ISO elevated 1 multiple, namely ISO1600 turning to ISO3200, This is very unfavorable for K10D. This is basic knowledge of photography.

These take the picture only for reference. But is not the strict noise difference measurement.
In these exposures data the limited difference can completely change SONY A100 and other DSLR disparity?
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