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We'll need to know more info about what you want to photograph and how much money you want to spend. Since this is your first DSLR, we'll assume your standards are not up there at the hights of a shooting pro.

For example, do you want to shoot buildings? Landscapes? Groups of people? What will you use the wide-angle for?

What will you use the telephoto for? Football players? Birds? Race cars? Bikers? isolated scenes (like someone leaning out a building window?)

All of these make a difference in how we answer you.

For example, I photograph wildlife, therefor I need a powerful telephoto. And I have one, a 600mm f'4 and the 100-400 f/4-f/4.5. Now, I doubt you want to spend that much money (most people can't!) But if you don't tell me how much telephoto you want, or what you want to photograph I can't know what will be good for you.

It's like buying a car. Someone says they want a car but doesn't tell you anything more you really can't help them. They could want something small - a nice compact to park in the city - or they might want something big - something to move marble statues in the back - and there is no way you'd know so your advice to them would be less than useful.

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