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Without knowing your camera+Lens weight, where and how you will be using it (mountain climbing? longhikes in the forest? straight out of the car? only in the home? — you get the idea), that question is like asking "what car should I get" with no other info provided.

Tripods run from the cheap to the VERY expensive, from the light duty to the HEAVY duty, and from light weight to HEAVY weight. A strong, light tripod with a good head (and that's another issue) might set you back US$400 or way more. But a heavier, sturdy one you do not mind lugging short distances may fill the need and cost well under US$100 ... several light duty ones are available for as little as US$20 or so.

Choosing the right tripod is almost, but not quite, as great achore as choosingthe rightcamera!

So, for a good answer decide on just what for and how you will use it. That will help with the carry-weight issue (I hate carrying a large, strong, and11 pound tripod on my long hikes!). Decide on what weight limits you will need (will it support your lens and camera and also allow for hanging a bag from it for stability if you need it?). Decide if you want a quality ball head or some other head. Etc. And then decide on how much you are willing to spend.

That will enable us to help you find what you need by providing some sound suggestions!

Hope this info helps a bit ...
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