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I think people should be using their statutory rights more here! It's just happened to my camera with a couple of months left on a one year warranty! I read about the issue BEFORE i purchased the unit and have treated it with kid gloves!
This is what I am sending back to E-buyer with the camera.

'Dear Sir Madam

I am returning this product which I purchased from your company. This camera has had very minimal use and the command dial
function has ceased to work.
A simple piece of research on photographic sites and forums has shown that this is a
prolific problem among this model of Fuji (s9500) camera.

This camera is not fit for purpose and I will not be happy with a replacement or repair.
This problem has re-occurred with repaired models and it is clearly a design error. It is quite obviously a manufacturing defect
and an issue that your company will have to resolve with Fujifilm. It is not worthy of £400 price tag with this blatant defect.

I want a full refund or I will settle for another manufacturers product if you can provide an item that meets my

THE KEY IS TO SEND THE CAMERA BACK AND DON'T TAKE 'NO' FOR AN ANSWER. DO NOT ACCEPT A REPLACEMENT UNIT OR REPAIR. However, this should be done through the purchasing shop/company and not Fuji!
NB: This is certainly a valid argument under UK consumer legislation, please check for other countries.

I'll let you know how I get on - it may require me to use the small claims court system etc (or at least threaten use of it) I have done it before and will do so again.
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