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This is your decision. However, if it were me I would think about the decision this way: which camera is going to offer you morefor the future?


*Great wide angle lens

*Ability to use the Kodak P-20 Flash

*Restricted to the wide angle format with just 5X optical zoom

Pentax 1st DL

*Can use any K mount lens

*Many lenses available: new orused (at low or e-bay prices)

*Can always use, but not restricted to wide angle format

* Has a much wider available ISO range to use

* Will allow for much greater growth as a photographer

*Will offer you some real challenges-both creative and photo learning-growth

*Will offer you a way to do some free lance work

If this is a straight across the board trade, the 1st DL is in perfect working condition, and you will be getting the Pentax 18-55mm kit lens at least with the DL, which can shoot 27mm wide angle shots, then I would take the deal without any hesitation at all.


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