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I am going to buy the DSLR and it will be my first DSLR ever.

I am considering buying the Canon 400D. It has many new features that I like and one feature is Self Cleaning Sensor. For the DSLR newbie like me, I hope this feature may be helpful to me to clean the lens without dismount it from the camera.

But Canon 400D has no spot metering. !!!!

So I have a newbie questions here.

1) Are there any disadvantage of the lack of spot metering in Canon 400D compared to other Nikon D50 and D70s?

2) Any method similar to spot metering has in 400D?
So I can ignore the spot metering and use other meterings for the same purpose of shootings with 400D...

3) Is Canon 400D worth buying for the newbie?

Thanks for any inputs.

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