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Hi Joshua, I agree with Tomsch about the eye level, and for more, to me the subject looks like is being shot for passport photographies. I hope you know what I mean. For portrait shots it's nice to shoot people while they don't feel the presence of a camera around them. Even when a person looks at you, it should have the look of seeing you and not freezing like he or she is being executed by a camera

A friend of mine in a bar

Also another thing is that it's best for photo portraits to fill in the picture most of the face inside the photo frame. Another more is having the subject with nice background colours, either natural, either artificial. The sky blue t-shirt is not a good combination with the dark red sofa while having a white background behind.

You can have your gf to move her head towards something else around and then keep her eyes fixed on you (try this out) and be sure the camera is focuses on the eyes and not on the distance of ears. Try both sharp and soft options for the portrait. Eyes need sharp photo, while other part of the subject looks better in soft mode, like the hair or the skin etc.
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