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Thank you!

Another question - I am reading about the memory cards.....appears there are 2 versions of XD memory cards - Type H and Type M.

I am reading Type H is faster & helps to NOT increase the shutter lag.

Does this mean I need to (or should) buy a Type H XD Memory Card ???
Does it HAVE to be a Fuji Brand?

It also seems I have read Type H is for outside the USA and Type M is for the USA....oh, gee, here I go getting confused once more!:? I did a search to buy Type H Fuji Memory Card & it gives me UK sites to shop at.

EDIT: So, I am reading 92+ reviews on about the Fuji Type M XD Memory Card and am reading things like a card reading not being able to read the FUJI.......Beach Camera shows a card reader I "should" buy with my camera but who says it will really work to download the pictures??? Now, I am feeling stressed.

With my kodak easy share I only have to push a button & BAM all my pics are downloaded super quick......
Thanks for your patience & for staying with me!

Thanks again!!

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