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Wow, Chris, I didn't know that!! I figured a 10x zoom was the same on all cameras. I can't find any v610's in stores locally, so I testeda 10x zoom with a camera that had 10x zoom & it seemed to be the same thru the camera as I saw thru my eye.

The specs for the v610 are: dual lens technology; 10X optical zoom; 38–114 mm (35 mm equiv.) f/3.9–f/4.4; 130–380 mm (35 mm equiv.) f/4.8 & The type of lens is: KODAK RETINA Dual Lens Technology equipped with two professional quality SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH C-VARIOGON lenses for exceptional clarity and sharpness

Would that be closer than how I see cause I want to be able to magnify the image about double of what I can see &I don't want interchangable lenses.

Sorry, I knowa lot about film cameras, but not about digital yet! THANK YOU
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