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Thank you for the information.

(I was under the impression that the D200 could meter through the older (pre-electrical contact) AI lenses.)

-------------------- Bill

Update: I looked at a D200 manual and it says that to seup the camera to meter through a non-cpu lens, you have to go to the shooting menu, highlight "Non-CPU Lens Data", press the multi selector to the right, then follow the menu to input focal length and the maximum aperture.

Accordingly, it would appear that it's a mater of software rather than hardware.

If Nikon would offer a software upgrade for the D80 to enable metering with non-CPU AI lenses for $50-$75 or so, I would think that there would be a fair number of takers (like myself) who have been using older Nikon SLRs (like my F, Nikormat, FM and FE) and have a selection of lenses that they may occasionally want to use on their D80s.

------------------------- Bill
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