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eeoo25 wrote:
I've read Steve's review about the Canon A85... but I couldn't find one thing i'm looking for...

...It happens to me once in a while that I delete picturesthatI've taken and after awhile I needed them back...

With every camera I had, it was pretty easy to do - using a program called "DIR".

This program is working only when the camera is connected to the PC via USB connection and shown AS A NEW DRIVE on my computer.

Since the A85 is not shown as a drive on my computer (it is shown with the software that comes with it)- it is impossible to use the program to restore deleted pictures I took...

Do you have any suggestions how to make the camera to be recognized as a new drive on the computer? Or do you know any other program that can help with this problem?

hope you will help me... thx!!
If you immediately removed the card and put it away, you have a chance, but if you took more pictures, you can pretty much say bye bye to erased pictures.
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