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hawks1 wrote:
Fill me in - what is the memory card problem with the Canon S2? I've had this camera for over a year and have taken at least 3,000 pictures with it with absolutely zero problems. I use both a SanDisk Ultra II 1GB and 2GB card. And yes, the S2 can still be purchased - I've recently seen prices as low as $260. What a bargain!
When I turned on I got a message on the LCD, memory card error. This is using the original 16MB card. Then I bought a SanDisk card, same thing. It reads in a card reader but the first time I couldn't retrieve all the images. This was just in the first week that I bought the S2 and since I could still return it, I thought it would be safer rather than keeping it and be dissapointed later.

If it was just me I'll just probably get a replacement or a another canon camera but this seem to be common problem with the canon cameras. Most of my electronics are sony and so far so good so I thought why not a sony camera.
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