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Hey kodi,

What's up with you? You join this forum, and you post a question:

"Hi, I'm new to the forum and looking for a camera. I've narrowed it down to Canon S2 and Sony Cybershot H5."

OK, people do it all the time - that's why the forum is here. You've done some research and you've narrowed it down to two cameras. But then, you start a rant against one of your own choices - the Canon:

"Browsing the forum I've learnt that lot of S2 users have this memory card error with canons and I really don't want to be in this situation."

"I'm just wondering why does people keep buying the Canons knowing they have this memory card problem and I can't imagine why Canon is not coming up with a solution."

"Yes, S2 is discontinued but S3 seem to have the same roblem. And people are still buying the S2 anyway."

Then you tell us you had already bought a Canon S2.

"This was just in the first week that I bought the S2 and since I could still return it, I thought it would be safer rather than keeping it and be dissapointed later."

Then you say you're going to just get another Canon:

"If it was just me I'll just probably get a replacement or a another canon camera but this seem to be common problem with the canon cameras."

So what was the purpose of your post? To tell us you had a problem with your camera? To excercise the members of this forum for nothing? You didn't hear about a lot of S2 owners having memory card problems did you? You had the problem!

Go stir up some other forum.

the Hun

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