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rinniethehun wrote:

How you came to have in your possession a Canon S2 IS is totally irrelevant. What is relevant is that the day you joined this forum and made your first post, you already had your S2 IS, and had a problem with it. So why did you lie? Why did you pretend to be shopping for a camera that you already owned?

kodi said,

"Hi, I'm new to the forum and looking for a camera. I've narrowed it down to Canon S2 and Sony Cybershot H5."

"Since both seem to have problems I would like your opinion in picking one."

"Max $400(I see the S2 at $279 and H5 at $389)"

"I followed the directions in the forum formatting etc but didn't work. That's when I decided to join the forum. "

You already had the cam.

"I guess it would have made a big difference to you if I had used "my boyfriend" instead of "I".

What would have made a difference is if you had just been honest...'I just got a camera and I'm having a problem with it...should I get a different camera?'

And now you're shopping for another camera...

"For your information, the S2 is already on its way for a refund and we're both back in the market for a camera, with me looking for the H2/H5."

I bet you've already bought the H5.

You don't have to thank me for my advice.

the Hun
You can go on rambling as much as you like. I don't have to justify myself to you. My boyfriend having a camera does not mean I have a camera. I have two friends with canons does it mean I own them too? I wish!! Maybe in your part of the world.

I guess you only post when you think you can stir up something. You had no advice what so ever on this post other than to put up a fight.

Everyones entitled to their own opinion.
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