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Wirraway, Irene, and Shari-

Please keep in mind that you can do a free download of the Neat Image software and it is good forever. It really cleans up the noise in any photo. However, you must keep in mind that it does it at the expense of some sharpness and homogenization of the image. As we work our way though this exchange, I think you can more easily see how post processing becomes pretty important.

Here are two more examples from the Kodak C-875 taken this morning. The first is with flash.

Here is a photo taken 30 seconds later with the ISO increased to 400 and no flash.

To my eyes, the second photo of Bradley, done without the flash is better. It was totally easy to do. Flash is NOT always the answer. Folks are much more comfortable without the flash in their face. Not only do you capture better photos, but your subjects are much more relaxed as well, and far less wary when you pull out your camera. Just a thought.

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