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Default FYI- If your DigiCam goes for a swim...

Went backpacking last weekend and capped off the trip with a swim in a lake. So did my Canon Powershot S45...

The camera was powered off and was in a case when it rolled into the water. It was pretty well soaked when I got to it... as I pulled it out of the case a good bit of water poured out of the camera's openings. While I examined the body my girlfriend opened the shutter, which caused it to power up. Of course it didn't work properly, and I immediately removed the battery and memory card. Upon returning home I disassembled the case and set everything out to dry for two days. I was certain that it had short-circuited during the short time that it was turned on after being immersed, and would be junk!

However I reassembled the dried parts today and much to my surprise the camera lives! It powered up without problem and is taking beautiful pictures. I couldn't be more pleased!

Lessons learned?

-don't bring a digital camera swimming
-buy a water-tight case
-if the camera drops into the water, don't turn it on and immediately remove the battery from the camera after rescue (if the camera is on when dropped into water, you may be out of luck)
-disassemble the camera and let the chassis thoroughly dry before trying to power up the camera again.

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