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I'll probably just Ebay them. I didn't really want to pack and ship a dozen times, so instead I now get to do it 13 times- lol. I may even not sell a couple, it's always nice to have a spare 50mm and that 35-70 f4 isn't a bad lens...

I'm sure KEH would have given me more, their online estimator had me at $585 (also subjuec to verification)when I was checking but Adorama had the KM 28-75 and I thought I'd trade part of the value for my used lenses towards that. I assumed that Adorama would be somewhere in the ballpark with KEH, seems I was wrong. It could also have just been that I got a particularly greedy buyer (it was not the same nice guy that I'd talked to before) or perhaps Minolta glass has lost it's value by 80% in the last 2 weeks. :lol:I should have asked him why his KM 28-75 is selling for $100 more now than it was 6 months ago, but I wasn't going to get anywhere with him, it was time to cut my losses at one box and 5 telephone calls. No big deal, every Minolta AFmount lens is gaining valuedaily.

I'm pretty satisfied with the Tokina 28-70 f2.8 AT-X at this point, so I'm not even sure I'll try a KM 28-75 lens. Ok, I probably will- just not right away. Or I'll see about that Sony 16-80, which is a bit dimmer but has an almost perfect range in DSLR. $699 isn't that far from $585.......
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