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Mercury694 wrote:
I'll probably just Ebay them. I didn't really want to pack and ship a dozen times, so instead I now get to do it 13 times- lol. I may even not sell a couple, it's always nice to have a spare 50mm and that 35-70 f4 isn't a bad lens...

I'm sure KEH would have given me more, their online estimator had me at $585 (also subjuec to verification)when I was checking but Adorama had the KM 28-75 and I thought I'd trade part of the value for my used lenses towards that. I assumed that Adorama would be somewhere in the ballpark with KEH, seems I was wrong. It could also have just been that I got a particularly greedy buyer (it was not the same nice guy that I'd talked to before) or perhaps Minolta glass has lost it's value by 80% in the last 2 weeks. :lol:I should have asked him why his KM 28-75 is selling for $100 more now than it was 6 months ago, but I wasn't going to get anywhere with him, it was time to cut my losses at one box and 5 telephone calls. No big deal, every Minolta AFmount lens is gaining valuedaily.

I'm pretty satisfied with the Tokina 28-70 f2.8 AT-X at this point, so I'm not even sure I'll try a KM 28-75 lens. Ok, I probably will- just not right away. Or I'll see about that Sony 16-80, which is a bit dimmer but has an almost perfect range in DSLR. $699 isn't that far from $585.......
Let us know when you go to ebay them I'll want to check out your auctions! LOL! I'm always looking for new lens!

And if any of you ever find that hard to find LOL! lens that is only $299 LOL! Still can't believe you can even dream this good! I want it too!

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