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Hey, great thread!

I just wanted to reiterate what people like Mark and Frank are talking about - that the general photo forums are a great place to learn. I find you are more likely to get feedback, though, if you invite it. Including a statement like "comments and criticisms welcome" will generally get you some good comments. There are some very friendly and helpful people on this forum with a wealth of experience. I remember my first posts and getting negative feedback on them - it stung a little bit, but usually on this site it was done in a constructive way (e.g. the shot could be improved by doing this...) - so, I took the advice to heart and thus improved (I hope :-)).

I have to admit, I'm still intimidated to post in the wildlife forum - there are stellar wildlife photogs. But, without fail whenever I've invited comments I always get them back. If you don't invite the comments people may be afraid of offending you and assume you don't want constructive feedback.

So, I'm on board with some of these others - whether a photo is taken with a panasonic, sony, canon, pentax, nikon or whatever the principles of photography are all the same.

Anyway, just wanted to chime in - saw this thread and found it very interesting!
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