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Default Need HELP with my D 7i

Hi everybody, I need help from you experienced users.

I bought a Dimage 7i a week ago and have fun with it since. It's a great camera, but I have a bug somewhere and I don't know what it is. Here is my problem:

When I take photos in portrait format (by turning the camera sideway), then download them on my computer, I have portrait photos which I have to turn 90 degrees to look at them right (don't want to have to turn my screen sideway ). So, using my Dimage Viewer software I turn them 90 degrees, but the process is not as simple as described in the manual. When I turn an image I have to save it as a new file, or replace the old file by this new file. Afterward, when I look at that photo on my computer (after the turning process), the photo is well oriented and everything seem to be OK. But when I upload those photos on the camera again (to look at them on my TV set), the photos that I get (all those that have been turned) on the camera LCD or EVF, and on the TV set, are well oriented but very very small.

There is something I'm doing wrong somewhere and don't know what???

My computer OS is Windows 98 second edition v. 4.10

Many thanks to all of you,

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