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Absolute fraudulent false advertisement when they state "Place your order on or before Friday for Guaranteed Delivery by December 24th" --- & do exactly as they have done to all others alike = cancelledmyorder due to non-purchase of "other" products. I was also "hooked" & I wrote a nasty to I didn't find out about the cancellation until today (12/27) when I attempted to "track" my ORDER(?)! Thanks to this good (Steve's) website, I went on to find out they are all from "Crooklin" NY! Now I full well understand their giving them a 5 STAR RATING --- IT WAS PAID FOR! If they didn't bill me anything, I don't guess I could get in on a class action lawsuit, which is what needs to happen (with jail time)!

Merry Xmas, NEXT YEAR!
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