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Dude......interesting concept.

I've never heard of this sort of thing, but just from your description and the pix on the linked page, this seems something like Neat Image on steroids.

I can see where multiple images of a stationary object could allow a program to sort the noise from the actual detail. The noise is more random where the image detail is fairly stable. Multiple pix could well provide areas of consistent data (detail) that a program could map against inconsistent data (noise) to allow it to reinforce the consistent data and eliminate the inconsistent -- the result being image sharpening.

I don't really know if that's the way this program works, but you say that you use webcams to capture the data? What would happen if you hooked a really good digital video camera to the telescope? Or even a good-quality DSLR and shot multiple pix at high resolution?

You might do better at getting people with whom you can carry on an informed discussion in the Digiscoping section of these forums. Unless someone is conversant with the theory behind the techniques you mention, it's hard to speculate about your questions.

I hope that someone less ignorant than myself comes along, here!

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