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I know now that the 3600 is not suitable for my FZ30 because of the trigger voltage.

Now I found an other flash. The Sunpak powerzoom 4000 AF. The trigger voltage is 5V so that should be OK. But in the add it says that the flash is for a minolta dynax camera. Does this mean I can not use it for my FZ30?

I also found one made for canon.... Is that one usable with my FZ30.

If they are usable, do I need anything to mount the flash on the hot shoe? And if I need anything, how expensive is it?

Sorry for these questions, but I'm a absolute beginner if it comes to flashes, but I really want one to get more reach, and the ability to bounce.

I hope some-one can give some answers.

I know that the sunpak 383 is very usable for my FZ30, but these are not sold as used here in holland, and I don't have enough money to buy a new one.

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