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Welcome to the forum.

Dont be too down on yourself its not a lousy shot - everybody has to start somewhere. I saw your filename was "edited" i just wonder what you did? What software do you use? One of the first lessons i learnt from this forum was that PP (post processing) is not a bad thing but essential with digital photography. Not sure what software you have but learn a sharpening technique - you should almost certainly apply this to all shots you take (well most of them!).

So i have modded your image, hope you dont mind. Firstly I boosted the contrast a little to remove the attention from the leafy backdrop (ideally this should be blurred by cloising down the aperture). Also cloned out a couple of the dead heads of the flowers (you should do this by hand while composing and framing the shot). finally run the sharpen stage.

Looking forward to more shots.

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