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geep wrote:
Has anyone had bad experiences with aftermarket batteries? My grey market C6 came with a OEM battery and a no name battery, I charged the non name, installed it and the camera worked for one day, then would no longer zoom
Returned it for repair at my expense to Sanyo and they reported that the lens,cpu etc was damaged by "non original battery", $360 CDN later I just got the camera back today with the non original battery. I have charged the OEM battery and am using it and so far today no problems. I am leary about aftermarket batteries now, the non original battery included in the deal was a 850mah.
I have the C40, C5 and C6 which all use the same battery. I got 3 of those cheapy batteries on eBay and they all under-perform the original Sanyo batteries even though they are labeled with a higher mAh rating. The real battery averages about 45-50 mins of video, the cheapies all crap out around 20-25 mins. My advice is to buy 1 or 2 extra REAL Sanyo batteries and forget the cheapies, they're justcrap.
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