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Good Luck with it.

Your dad has good tastes in a camera. Of course, I'm biased since I've been using a Konica KD-510z since mid July 2003 (about 2 weeks after it was released by Konica in Japan). I didn't even wait on it to hit the U.S. shores -- I got a model intended for sale in Japan.. :-) Your dad's Konica KD-500z is almost the same camera (other than it's missing manual exposure and custom profiles allowing you to change ISO speed and some of the other parameters the camera uses).

These little cameras take great photos (other than the redeye if you use the flash). lol I have yet to see a subcompact camera that I'd consider replacing my Konica with (although I do have a Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D, too).

Don't tell anyone I said so, but the Konica KD-510z takes better photos in good light compared to the larger DSLR. :-) Of course, in low light, the DSLR wins every time.

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