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Greg Chappell
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If I were a new DSLR user like you, I would skip the Nikon D50 for the newerNikon D40 with 18-55 Nikkor, $599 here:

Plus the Nikkor 55-200 zoom, at $169 here:

That totals $800, leaving you $200 to spend on, maybe something like a 2 gig card and SB 600 flash, putting you just a few dollars over $1,000 or you can skip the flash for now, but you will eventually want one.

My second choice, if I were a new DSLR user would be the Olympus E-500 two lens outfit for $679 here:

That leaves you plenty of money for an FL-36 flash unit and a good sized CF card, all for well under $1,000. I am currently an Olympus user, so the E-500 would be my first choice of the list you are looking at, but I already have a full set of Zuiko lenses that are much better than the kit lenses that any of the makers offers.

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