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Okay, so I posted this thread last Wednesday:;forum_id=9

Basically, I had decided on the Rebel XTi. I also thought getting the 17-85mm IS lense would be an excellent package for a dSLR starter. I'm by no means a professional nor will I ever be. I will however learn how to take good pictures with the equipment that I have. I don't want the cheapest equipment, nor do I want the most expensive equipment.

Over the last week I have been doing nothing but research and now I'm on the fence between the XTi or D80. Of course I'd rather spend the XTi money than the D80 money, but I don't mind spending the D80 cash if it truly is the better camera for the money. The big issue I have with the D80 right now is that I can't find the 18-200mm VR lense ANYWHERE. That is what I wanted if I was to go with the D80.

Most of my pictures will be of my 2 children, I won't be taking too many long distance shots. My wife and I like to take a lot of outdoor images, but we really want something that will take great indoor shots. We live in the northeast and winters are mostly spent indoors. We currently have a Canon SD410 "point and shoot" camera, it basically sucks for indoor usage. The pictures are horrible. It could be the camera or the fact that my wife has dropped it several times...still the camera, but with help from my wife (don't even ask to see her cell phone). If the general consensus is that the cheaper camera is the way to go and to spend more money on lenses (1 or 2 of them) then I am okay with that. If you say get one good Nikon lense with the D80, then that's good too. I'm just having a serious problem deciding at this point. From what I can see online, going with the Canon gives me a better chance at getting the equipment I want now. I haven't really seen anything in 3rd party lenses based on my research, but you know how that goes.......too much research and not enough time.

So, what would you do?

Thanks for any and all input.
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