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I have tried my best with Aiptek but it seems that according to my contact at Aiptek USA, Taiwan haven't said a peep about the problem with the PVR. If they really had any interest I think we'd have heard something from them by now, but they are just sweeping it under the carpet it seems. After all these are just massed produced commodities to them.

I get the impression they just think it is just the typical minor moire effect you get to a certain extent on all MPEG4 camera's. Obviously the problem is worse than they think as my Sanyo C40 doesn't suffer from it to the extent the PVR does and neither did my old IS-DV I used to have.

Either the problem really is hardware related and they are trying to sweep it under the carpet due to the cost of recall or they really don't think it's worth it to fix the firmware in models already on the shelf. I guess not enough customers have noticed or complained about this problem and to be honest I can see where they are coming from as there hasn't really been that much response on this forum about this model.

The point of my post is, if you are thinking of buying this model on the hope they may fix the problem in the very near future, my advice is to avoid it since there are plenty of better choices out there for similar money, if you look around hard enough.
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