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Hi all

Have not posted much here lately. I have been waiting and waiting for Pana announcing a follow up on the FZ7 but as there seemed to be none announced at CEO I am thinking about looking elsewhere than Panasonic for a new camera.
I have FZ5 and FZ7 is simply not worth the upgrade in my view. The FZ30 and FZ50 are too big to carry around when travelling and a large camera like them is an inconvenience (sorry afficionados).
I love my Pana but just need a little more.
It is dissappointing that the usual upgrade of model announcement has not come this year.
any advise on a camera with 12 x zoom plus anti shake and the usual which will be animprovement on FZ7 and around the same size and with a lense with the similar quality of the Panas?
I will be travelling in the spring and would be great to have a new and inproved camera with me...

I looked at Oly and Canon but don't like the design (sorry I know that is a stupid way of looking at it but that too counts in my book - they look too plastic and cheap).

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