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Mark1616 wrote:
I agree that the first one is not necessarily appropriate however the shot has come out pretty well.

Number 3 is my fave as the composition is good and I like the location of the bike as this adds to the image. If you could have found a way not to get thegrey boxes behind the bike.

2 really does nothing for me as either the horse distracts from the car of the car distracts from the horse (depending which you wanted to show).

The fireworks shot is a good capture.
Yea, the first shot was the only one that he would stay near the car window but I was looking more so just how the shot came out and I'm glad you think it's pretty well.
Number 2 I was in St. Augustine, FL and more so just wanted to capture what St. Augstine would have looked like 70 years ago or so.
I fully agree with you on shot number 3, those boxes are annoying, I have some side shots of the bike, I was using the shadow of the building to reduce the harsh lighting. Thanks for the help!
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