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I agree that the moderators do a great job and I agree that some people are just lazy. When I first came here, I was so scared of you people that I searched and searched and searched and went through every single page of the forums that would pertain to me. My aim was, the more I read first, the better I would be able to direct or word my question.

In all the searching though, I developed major complaints about the search function here. I still haven't found an 'advanced' search that is on most php-type message boards. I would search for a word, and then I would get the option to search a particular forum, and then then it would say 'no results' when I could SEE that word on the first page in a title on that forum. Then I would do other searches that would say it found 20 pages of results but as soon as I clicked on the 2nd page, it would say 'not found'. So it can be really frustrating - even if its not 'broken' (but i think it is), then it sure isn't intuitive either - and I consider myself a master with message board search buttons. :lol:

At any rate, there are people like me. Smart, non-lazy people who might seem to ask dumb questions anyways. All of the time I try to do a search, I always read the manual, but sometimes I get bogged down by something. Then there are the REALLY annoying people (and you know, once i get to know my own camera and photography better, I will probably want to change my stance and say REALLY REALLY annoying people). So I just hope everyone else can see the difference. :?
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