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Default Lens Dilemma

After recently acquiring a new (to me) D30 I bought two lenses a 80-210mm(which has gone in the bin and the manufacturer shall remain nameless) and a Canon 28-90 USM mark I. After shooting overthousand photos I have noticed that this lens gives appalling sharpness and contrast and is very slow (has anyone else had this experience.

So I've decided to buy some new lenses but I am unsure of which ones and i do not wish to make the same mistakes as last time, so does anyone have any suggestions?

I'm thinking of:

Canon 28mm 2.8
Canon 50mm 1.8
Some sort of canon zoom between 28 and 135 but i can't afford IS.
A second hand 70-200 f4L

Any other suggestions. I've tried a Canon 75-300 but that lacked clarity too.

I don't have a great deal of money and I dont want to waste it again!

p.s. is the canon 28-90 USM marl III any better than the mark I?
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