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A good program to adjust & resize your images. Frontpage ain't's specifically made to work with Web pages & not images.

Irafran View seems to be very popular (& it's free). Paint Shop Pro is great & about 1/6th the price of Photoshop & Macromedia Fireworks is good. PhotoShop is pretty much the leader for image manipulation & costs aroung $600.00 US (They also have a reduced price & feature program (Image Ready...I think).

I don't use Frontpage due to it's restrictive server-side includes that you must upload to the server to make it work (plus it's just another MS attempt to control more of everything that happens on the Internet). I would recommed another program for Web design (like Homesite), but you've already invested in Frontpage.

No matter what image program you use, always save one image as an 8x10 size (in case you want to print them later), save another copy as a Websized image (I use 800 pixels on the long side) & another images saved as a thumbnail (I use 70 pixels on the long side). Using a JavaScript, this will allow you to have a thumbnail on your main page with smaller sized files (thus faster uploading pages. You also have the ability of visitors to click on a thumnail & see the full-sized image in a seperate window. Your main goal should be to have a fast loading page (using low-res thumbs on the main pages) with visitors having the ability to see full sized images as they choose.
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