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No one...not Olympus, not Sony, and certainly not Pentax, is going to make much, if any dent in terms of swaying anyone shooting for a living with Canon or Nikon equipment.When it comes tothe pro market I don't think the term 'also-ran" is an accurate term for these other companies, because that assumesthey were a competitorat one time andnone of those have everbeen a real serious threat in the upper tier of bodies. Pentax has the K10D some-what pro bodybut no real set of prolenses yet, Olympus has an outstanding set of pro lenses but no matching probody and Sony.....what does Sony have? I haven't heard too much about Sony since "The Big" intro of the Alpha series.

Does the fact someone isn't competing at the pro-level of bodies mean the rest of their equipment is inferiorfor those of us one or more levels below pro calibre? Quite the contrary, and I have a feeling most of us fall into that category.Even though they exist today, I have no business spending $8,000 on a Canon 1D or really even the $2,400 (after rebate) it costs for a 5D. I HAVE spent $1,700 on a lens, the Olympus 7-14 Zuiko, but that lens will last me longer than any one orfour bodies.At the other end, there's just as manybad photos being taken with Digital Rebels and D50's. If you don't think so, just log into and pull up whatever body you want and view files being posted to that site.

Pentax, Olympus and Minolta never were really huge in terms of market share back when people were running film through their cameras and manually focusing their lenses, either. There's been no huge paradigm shift with the digital age.I can remember an article back in the mid 1980's in Popular Photography where they had a shootout between the two powerhouse proSLR's and it was the same two companies,the Nikon F3 and Canon F1, and most everyone else was shooting with Canon AE-1'sor Nikon FE's and FM's. The Olympus OM series and Pentax K models did fine in their small market shares, and I have no idea why anyone thinks these companies can't continue making do at some level of sales below what the "Big 2" have done, both today and historically.

Minolta still survives under the Sony name, and Olympus and Pentax both are working closely with their own HUGE partners in Panasonic and Samsung. They will survive in one form or another. Anyoneworried about it that much just needs to go buy a Digital Rebelso they canstop worrying. Who knows, you just might be wrong. I might be wrong, WeALL might be wrong.This isn't global warming or the end of the world we're talking about. It's cameras.

Go out and take some pictures.

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