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Default Re: What gamma setting do you use?

The Windows standard is 1.8. The Mac standard is 2.2...


Originally Posted by The Photo Tuell
I had my gamma setting (GeForce3 advanced settings, color correction) set to 1.0 because that was approximately calibrated to the printer at my local Costco. Well this week they got a new machine and now it seems I need to adjust my settings.

I've read that 2.2 gamma is a 'standard' but it seems so dang bright, heh. I'm at 1.5 right now, going to get some prints done tomorrow, hopefully they look normal. Didn't pay for the screwed up ones of course, they always treat me right.

One reason I ask is because the gamma setting changes the look of pictures in online galleries quite a bit. A picture that looked fine to me at 1.0 gamma had ugly artifacts at 1.5 (fixed it, so no example for you). I wonder how many people use high gamma like 2.2 and think the pictures I've adjusted to 1.0 gamma look weird?
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