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But those cheaper solutions are NOT available for the E-500.

If you want to get a good manual focusing screen for an Olympus DSLR, Katz-Eye is the only game in town.

BTW, I own one for one of my E-300 bodies. For serious manual focus work, it is absolutely indispensible.

Frankly one should not compare the cost of simple generic focusing screens designed for older manual cameras with that of items that are specifically engineered for working with current Autofocus cameras. If you were to price out a new Beattie Screen, Britescreen or Maxwell Screen for any modern camera, you would see that they all cost in the range of $100-200. You are not paying for the materials, nor even for the manufacturing cost. What you are paying for is the R&D necessary to precision engineer such a product so that it works properly in a modern autofocusing DSLR (as well as the process of installing such an item in a camera not designed to have interchangeable screens - and all of these newer screens cost similar amounts.
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