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Hi Bob... I've heard the arguments before about balancing the amount of compression / file sizes and responsiveness of the camera.... But as before people will be expecting top notch images with the Leica lens and will no doubt complain bitterly if jpeg compression artifacts limit image quality.

Regarding the FZ10 ..Please use all your powers of persuasiveness to either get FINE mode to be a lower compression than existed on the FZ1. Or persuade them to include a SUPER FINE compression mode ... even if it has to include a warning than camera responsiveness might be slightly worse. I'm sure many people would appreciate this.

Ironically I'm aware that lower compression ratios also have the potential to make the basic image noise more visible...but overall quality (esp detail) definately improves in my tests.... I am guessing the FZ10 will include some kind of hardware noise reduction to combat this ? After reading widely on the subject it appears that image noise is the real enemy since it dramatically increases file sizes whilst simultaneously reducing image quality.

At the end of the day however it is possible the Instruction Manual is most at fault since just a few lines of 'education' on these issues could save a mountain of grief latter on. The FZ1 english manuals could certainly have been a lot better. I hate to see a great piece of engineering let down on the final stages.

OK I'm rambling now.

Just my 2 cents.
Keep up the good work.
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