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I have read that extension tubes allow a normal lens to be used as a macro lens because it basically extends the distance between the camera and the lens. So I picked up a Asahi K mount extenstion tube set, with three tubes labeled #1, #2, and #3.#1 is the shortest, and #3 the longest.

I hook everything up, all 3 tubes and my manual 28mm lens. I can not manuallyfocus clearly on anything even if it is only 1mm away from the lens. I take off tube #3. Finally I can start to make out some images. My question is, how do you calculate the maximum number of tubes I can attach to a lens? If I use a lens with a longer focal length such as 50mm, will I be able to focus using all 3 tubes? If I wanted greater magnification, beside a reverse macro ring, what other options are there? I just thought I could add more tubes!!! Haha... now I see how funny that idea is!

Thanks in advance!
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