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Between these two, the Canon is easily the winner IMO. The only thing sony has going for it is the in-body anti-shake. But, the Canon wins out in just about every other regard. Not the least of which is availability of lenses. The Canon system is also stable while Sony is new to the DSLR market. They have a huge up-side as they have mass marketing and R&D dollars. But, the DSLR market is very competitive so there is no guarantee Sony will stay for the long haul (they say they will, but that may change if they can't capture the market share they want). The alpha was a highly touted camera when it came out. Since then Pentax, Nikon and Canon have all come out with new models - all of which seem more highly regarded both by interenet and print reviews. I would go with the Canon because I think it's the better camera and because of the stability of the Canon system.

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