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I have just tried out the image recovery freeware at:

It really is great.

I had a 1Gby Kingston CF memory card, written by my Minolta 5D, with 81 jpeg images (~500MB), then formatted in camera; then 17 jpeg images written, then formatted in camera.

Ran the recovery software. Recovered and post processed 85 files in 50 mins. Software made extensive repeated reads of the card via a card reader, but reportedly used only about 32MB of cache memory. I then nominated a random selection of 7 of these files to save. After ~30 mins it got stuck on the last file and I aborted, getting a ‘not enough memory for task' message. However all 7 jpeg images were perfectly recovered in my specified folder, but despite the last image being perfect, it appeared to have size 522MB! The blog on the software site says this is known but unidentified error.


Terrific freeware, maybe slow but works. Gives me confidence that if I ever mistakenly format a card, I stand a sporting chance of recovering the images.
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