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Hi Greg

I know that feeling soo well ! Just ordered an FL50 and I should get that pretty soon. I'm holding off completely on any lenses etc until after PMA to see what OLy/Pana/Sigma bring to the table. I'm about to splurge out on a lighting stand/brolley etc and a cheap wireless transciever setup. I've seen a few posts over at dpr where ppl have been picking up the E330's on ebay for 450 - a bit of a steal if you ask me but over here in eth UK theyre still at £650 body only.

Regards Lightroom - I'm currently running it on a 3.5yr old Shuttle XPC - with an AMD 2500XP CPU, 1GB DDR RAM and a reasonably fast IBM deskstar drive and it runs very smoothly on it. So if you got anything similar you shouldnt have any issues at all.



:O :?
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