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The Barbarian wrote:
Not that I'm downplaying a few meters difference. Think, Bahadir, what it would to do the archaeology of the Mediterranian.
Barbarian, as you may guess, I'd hate that!!However,this petty sentiment of mine would hardly have any impact on the course of Mother Nature accellerated or triggled by human factor...You know,thereare alreadysites from mesolithic or paleolithic timescovered with water some ten thousand years ago due to 'warming and cooling' cycle of the earth : (Well,in the name ofconsidering other aspects of this sensibleissue; how about the immediate and implacable harm on archeology caused by our 'environmental' hydroelectric plantswhich has always remaineda controversial issue, of course,and requiredcertain amount of comprimise Ah, I love them and then I hate them...,which turnsmy life into misery:G
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