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How/Why-wildlife calls-Hawk

I was stalking some elk when I found this Red Tail Hawk. I had good cover available and when I got to the top of a ridge I should have a opportunity for a close up. The wind would be in my face so camera noise should not be a problem.

He had no idea I was there I took a couple of bursts of around 5 each.

I used my crow call. Very soft and only 1 call. I wanted to get his attention but not scare him.

Maybe more attention would be better. A soft Elk Calf Call and he raised his head a little.

As you can see same hawk same time and 3 very different looks to choose from for a keeper. I decided to keep #2 & #3. I think #3 is the best because of his proud look. This is why I use wildlife calls.

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