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I went for my usual monday afternoon hike through the sanctuary. It had been a stormy weekend, so I was hoping that the birds would be out hungry and feeding. I was hiking along my usual trail when I noticed this guy sitting up in a tree.

He seemed more relaxed and allowed me to get in much closer for a tighter shot.

I watched as this great egret swooped down and land behind some marsh reeds. When I hiked closer down to the waters edge, I saw that he had caught himself a little crayfish snack.

He must have a pretty tough stomach to digest that critter whole. After a few chomps, he swallowed it and off he went.

The red reflection in the water was from this orange netting that the construction crew had put up as a barrier on the other side of the creek.

A flock of black necked stilts came zooming down the creek. They all glide so smooth and low over the surface of the water.

I see these red tailed hawks all the time. However, they always seem to be soaring way up high in the sky. This pic was a pretty heavy crop to make him decently viewable. Once I get a longer focal length lens, I should be able to get some better hawk shots.

Thanks for looking.
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